Our Platform

User Dashboard

This is the first page you see after logging in to our Platform. On this single page you can monitor all your trading activity: current balance, total profit & loss, ROI, information on every account you have, number of profitable orders compared to a number of all of your trades, line chart reflecting your balance growth over time and a log of all the times you logged in to the system.

Deposit Page

To start trading you need to top-up your account, and you can do it on this page. Select one of the available deposit methods, enter an amount and proceed to the payment system – service provided by third parties. When your deposit is confirmed you will see a notification on our Platform and will be able to start placing orders.

Main trading screen

Here you see the chart for the asset you have selected and the Order Menu from which you open orders. Any trade you open can be fine-tuned according to your strategy: you can place long and short trades, set limit orders if necessary, choose one of three amount conversions and set stop-loss and take-profit levels. Trend indicator will help you make a right decision and Profit Calculator is there to assist you with planning your risks and future profits.


Main trading screen is full of additional features designed for your convenience. On the left side you see Widgets Panel with Market Watch, Economic Calendar, Market News and detailed information on your open and closed trades. These trades will also be displayed in the Order Panel at the bottom of your screen.